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Outsourcing Payroll

Oursourcing payroll is a common business practice. In other words, companies entrust their payroll reponsibilities to an external payroll provider. As a result, organizations can streamline their payroll processes, while reducing adminstrative burdens. But most importantly, accurate and timely payments are made to employees.

TK Payroll Solutions’ Services

Payroll Processing

Notary Service

Time & Attendance

Data Management

Direct Deposit

PEO Services

Payroll Reporting

Employee Self-Service

Benefits Administration

Compliance & Security

Support & Customer Service

Device Management

Payroll Tax Services​

TK Payroll Solutions LLC

Tax Services​

Payroll tax services are specialized solutions offered by external payroll providers. Thus, this service assists businesses in managing their payroll-related tax obligations.

TK Payroll Solutions’ Services

Tax Withholding

Tax Filing and Reporting

Compliance Management

Tax Payments

Multi-Sate Taxation

Electronic Filing

Payroll Tax Services - TK Payroll Solutions LLC
Benefits Administration - TK Payroll Solutions LLC

Benefit Onboarding Services

TK Payroll Solutions LLC

Onboarding Your Employees

Benefit onboarding services are solutions offered by an external service provider. To clarify, this allows new employees to select their benefits in a fast and simple way electronically.

TK Payroll Solutions’ Services

Benefit Enrollment

PEO (Professional Employer Organization) Services

Paperwork and Documentation

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Software Training

Device Management

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